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This and That

What to say?  That is the question I pose to myself, not just for this initial blog entry but for all those that will follow.  Shall I simply regurgitate random legal principles or point out a new regulation.  There is undoubtedly some benefit to that information.  There is also undoubtedly great benefit in the (literally) volumes of information in the Indiana Code, but that doesn’t mean the typical non-lawyer is going to bother reading it.  You get my point.  If there is anything we all must now know in this communication age in which we live it is that the true value of information lies not just in its essential veracity but in its effective dissemination to those whom it can benefit.

All things being equal, I’d rather write blog entries someone might actually read.  Anyone who knows me knows my raw affinity for words.  But I’m good with mostly keeping that to myself.  So there is no sense in stringing my words together and posting them on my website unless you – whoever you are – are going to read them.

My proposal?  This and that.  A little of this, a little of that.  A little law, a little life.  A little of what I do with a little of where you are.  A blog that dwells in (and on) those sundry climes where law intersects life.  Just maybe something from my professional life can be of value to your real life.

That is my hope.  “This and That” is my blog.  These are my random salutary musings for you.